A Little About Archer

Archer Swift lives in the rocking city that is Melbourne, Australia and has now turned his wall map upside down to confuse all his northern hemisphere friends, some of whom are under the impression that Down Under is literally at the bottom of the world. (Maybe because they feel the need to compensate for being behind us in time? Just thinking out loud here.)

After taxing the world with his non-fiction work for nearly ten years, he decided the planet really needed another novelist. You know, due to the chronic shortage of books and the lack of good stories. He’s a humble guy who’d prefer not to be lionised for answering this, the world’s greatest of needs. He’ll gladly accept a simple Facebook page Like here as a token of gratitude.

He’s got a secret addiction to coffee that he’d prefer remain secret, and spends endless hours staring at sunrises and sunsets. Why? Because he likes them. And he’s got a soft spot for genuine acts of kindness*, but prefers not to take stray things home with him. Oh, and he has a serious fetish for all things sport, but nothing trumps his obsession with the Red half of Merseyside. YNWA.

*Genuine acts of kindness include all forms of tree hugging, and all efforts to end world poverty. World peace is strictly the domain of Miss Universe.

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