“Eden, Noon” FIRST and FREE!

Get "Eden, Noon" FIRST and FREE!We are two and a half months away from the release of Eden, Noon—the second book in The Eden Trilogy. The countdown is on!

Those who got involved in the launch of Eden, Dawn may recall that I ran a “sneak-peak ten” promotion where opt-in readers got the first ten chapters before the official launch.

Now, I’m going bigger. Much bigger!

Get Eden, Noon FIRST and FREE!

Because the eBook version of Eden, Noon will have a list price of around $1.99—remember, Eden, Dawn is still free on multiple platforms (and will remain so!)—I’m offering the first 100 readers the chance to get the eBook version of Eden, Noon before the official release date FREE!

So, how do I get Noon first and free?

All you need to do is go here and fill in the online form. And voila!

It should take you no more than thirty seconds. Remember, places are limited to the first 100 people.

The catch? No catch, really. All I ask is that you consider posting a positive review on Amazon if you like the book.

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