What’s in a Blurb? Help!

Get "Eden, Noon" FIRST and FREE!Now comes the hardest part. I’m nearly finished with the last round of edits to Eden, Noon and now I’m faced with crafting the book blurb. Yikes! Writer’s block strikes! I find it easier creating a 95,000 word novel than teasing out a 200 word synopsis.

Plus, being the second book in the trilogy, how much do you say, or don’t say about the first instalment? Over share, and I’m doomed. Under share? I’m damned.

Plus, it’s got to sync with the blurb of the first book. You know, it’s actually got to feel like it fits into the overall story arc—without sounding hacked and stuffed together.

But … but it’s also got to feel like it’s a complete story in itself. Or who’ll bother with it?

Yeah, perhaps I’m over thinking this. A wee bit.

What’s in a Blurb?

Okay, below is the first, wild flyer at Eden, Noon’s blurb. Tell me what you think in the comments section below. (And remember, you can get the eBook FIRST and FREE here.)

Having survived certain extermination at the hands of their vastly superior alien enemy, the hopes of a small human colony soar. Their fledgling dreams of a new dawn are quickly jeopardised as rampant suspicion, prejudice and fear boil over a cauldron brewing thick with political rivalry, skulduggery and the ever-present threat of mutiny.

Struggling through his own personal demons, and the maelstrom of relational conflict his foolhardy antics have caused, Ristan Abel finds himself dragged into a brutal showdown with foes known and unknown. With blood spilled as a direct result of his deeds, can he survive? If he staves off the threat of his adversaries, can he endure the bitter consequences of his own actions?

Welcome back to planet Zika, named such by the planet’s native species, the Zikalic. A primal planet of striking disparity—breathtaking spectacle and unrivalled terror—ruled by an intelligent but twisted species; where the nights are dark, and the days, darker still.

‘Eden, Noon’ is the second book in ‘The Chronicles of Paradise’ trilogy. The third instalment, entitled ‘Eden, Dusk,’ is due mid 2015.

If you haven’t read Eden, Dawn, here’s the blurb:Eden, Dawn and submit your book.

Fleeing an Earth inferno, thirty thousand humans landed on a terrifying yet beautiful planet, they named Eden, hoping to find a new start. Ten years later three hundred and sixty-seven survive; staving off the brutal, carnivorous creatures that prey on them, holding out against a formidable humanoid species known, initially, only as them, while facing insidious deceit and betrayal from within their own ranks.

Wrestling through his own inner turmoil; plagued by the galling memories of Earth’s final hurrah, the death of his parents, and awakened feelings for a girl his best friend loves, shy seventeen-year-old Ristan Abel finds himself plunged into a cauldron of turmoil, treachery and treason. In trying to rescue a clan in chaos, he discovers the truth about his mortal enemies, and the human traitor allying with them to exterminate what’s left of mankind. And in the crucible, he finds himself and becomes a reluctant answer to mankind’s predicament.

Welcome to planet Zika, named such by the planet’s native species, the Zikalic. A planet of stunning contrasts—unspeakable wonder and matchless horror—ruled by the monstrous Xakanic. Bent on annihilating the human race, the Head Chief of the Zikalic serves his own twisted agenda: to strengthen his rule over the bejewelled City of Zika.

‘Eden, Dawn’ is the first book in ‘The Chronicles of Paradise’ trilogy.

Remember, you can get the eBook version of Eden, Dawn free in multiple eReader formats here.

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