What’s in a Prologue?

The prologue to Eden Dawn which is coming soon.In the original draft of Eden, Dawn, I didn’t include a prologue. Unless an author has a good reason for a prologue, and gripping content to fill it with(!), a prologue can be meaningless. An unnecessary distraction, an attempt at being too clever. I’ve skipped over more prologues than I care to remember. Yet, I learnt once more that there’s truth in the statement: never say never.

What’s in a Prologue?

By the kind of prologue that I’m inclined to dodge, I’m referring of course to this, not thisSo, when my editor suggested carving out a part of the first chapter and turning it into a Prologue, my immediate reaction was, “Why? What for?”

I can’t recall her reasons because, to be honest, none of them convinced me. However, I gave it a shot.

After making the change, I let the dust settle in my mind and returned to the manuscript a day or two later. And I loved it! Why, I don’t know. It just seems to work. So, there’s another reason an author needs a good editor, and in my case, it helped me get over my aversion to the concept of a prologue.

So here, for the first time, an excerpt from Eden, Dawn. Enjoy!

It still filled my nights with horror.

The panic, the hysteria. The unadulterated fear.

The rising temperatures, unbearable heat. Scorching hot.

The hunger, the thirst. Desperation.

The rising oceans. Floods, landslides, tragedies.

Riots, violence and war.

Sickness, disease. The Plague.

Then the usual bittersweet images followed, bombarding my troubled mind.

The covert selection, the public meltdown.

The relief, the despair.

Our arrival, the horror.

Love sparked, love lost.

The memory of her face, fading fast.


My first love. My only love.

Every night, for nearly ten years, sleep had eluded me; peace beyond my grasp.

Drenched with sweat despite the cool night air.

Why me? Why us? Were we lucky?

At first, we thought so.

But the sheer terror that stalked our nights and the utter exhaustion that drained our days made me think otherwise.

After enduring the dark hours, we spent the light hours foraging for food. We were constantly on guard. Always alert. Terrified of the man-eating creatures that roamed this brutal planet … and them.

Perhaps we were paying for abandoning Earth to her fate.

Sleep, please let me sleep. Just a few hours.


Look out for more excerpts to follow. See here for more information on young adult fiction.